"I WILL LIVE my life in such a way that I won't need a tombstone to say who I was, my LEGACY alone will speak for itself!"

 H.E. Dr. Sherrie Walton, The Millionaire Mommy

We know you have a best seller waiting to hit the bookshelves of major retailers around the world, but you just don’t have the time to start.


We can assist you with our ghostwriting packages. Within a matter of 90-120 days your book will be ready for your review.


The Golden Pen Author Program will:


Offer you a disciplined writing plan and schedule

Help you formulate your story Help you clearly map out your story and necessary content Assist you with the storyline and formulation of your book Teach you how to pre-sell your book Prepare your book in the correct format 



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Have you started writing your book or need help birthing your book? Our group writing coaching program is an affordable way to get the necessary support needed to create your book within 12-16 weeks.


We helped over 40 people in tell their stories...are you next?


I have had the honor of serving and empowering women for the past few years through my consulting business and seminars.  As I have talked with many of these women, I've noticed a reoccurring problem.  Some women have difficulties standing out in an "overcrowded" business marketplace, and creating a brand they can ultimately turn into profits. With the steady growth of Life Coaches, Speakers, and Authors, it's getting even harder for leaders to find "their tribe."  I believe more than ever, that in order to build successful brands, collaborations are the new wave of business.  There is power in numbers. 


With that being said, I came up with an opportunity for women with leadership qualities and a positive platform to enrich the lives of others. The Compilation Book Project is an opportunity for you to become a lead author and partner with my organization, as the publisher, and create additional revenue for yourself. 



This is how it works: 

  • You will be the Lead Author of the book

  • You choose your book topic 

  • You will be responsible for "recruiting" and interviewing your authors

  • You will choose a price point for the participating authors

  • There is $200 refundable cost for each project.  Deposit is refunded after completion of the project

  • You decide the Book Launch date.  All projects will take 90 to 120 days after receipt of book chapters

What we provide:

  • We provide you with email verbiage to send out to your Authors.

  • We provide all editing and book layout for up to 165 pages.  Anything over 165 is additional.

  • We provide the contracts for your Authors.

  • We provide (1) book cover option-  Or you can choose to provide your own.

  • We provide you with (5) copies of the book for each author.  Color book cover, black and white interior.

  • Unlimited access for your Authors to order books from us at the Discounted rate.

As agreed partners on this compilation, we will split the author's fees 50% (YOU) - 50% (US).  All splits are completed AS you receive payments from your authors.


How do your Authors benefit?  Good question.  

  • This platform will give women who would not normally reach a large audience an opportunity to create credibility as an industry leader.  

  • Becoming an Author opens many doors and helps people to build their brand and book speaking engagements.

  • Authors will not only reach their audience but will have an even wider brand impact as they reach their co-authors audiences.  

  • Each author will receive (10) copies of the book to sell and keep the book profits.   Unlimited books can be published directly from us.


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