If I could do it all over again, I wouldn't change anything about my story. I am thankful for the lessons that shaped me into the woman I am today. The failures, the emotional scars, the loneliness, the guilt, I wouldn't change one thing about my life.  The failures taught me that I could defy the odds.  The emotional scars taught me I really knew what it meant to love.  The loneliness taught me I knew how to be a friend....these are all the pieces of my story.

     Like the seasons of life changes, so do we.  I have learned to embrace my story and create a fearless unstoppable human being. From being broke and broken, to starting an international business while living in a hotel. I discovered my resilience and fearlessness by default, but I mastered "My Fearless" by choice...Now it's your turn.   #BeFearless

H.E. Dr. Sherrie Walton




Dr. Sherrie Walton travels around the world Empowering, Connecting, and Restoring the lives of women with her empowerment series, "You Can...You Will...Now Go Be Fearless". 

Her mission is to impact the lives of over 1 Million women, reaching one woman at a time.  She is a Conference Host, Author, Life and Relationship Expert, Talk show host and Speaker.  Her empowering words of wisdom bring her audiences to standing ovations as she encourages them to live their best fearless life right now.  Dr. Sherrie has overcome many of life’s adversities and is building a platform for other Mompreneurs to pursue their dreams, no matter what their past is.  She is an advocate for women building other strong women and believes that life truly has no limits.   


Dr. Sherrie entered the world of Entrepreneurship over 15 years ago, and after becoming the youngest black Insurance Broker in 3 years at a Fortune 500 company, she left corporate America to become a full-time entrepreneur.  In 2005, Sherrie Co-founded Virtuous Creations Event company, and went on to service celebrity clientele, earning her first feature in Style Me Pretty Florida and Essence online magazines.


Dr. Sherrie is the founder of Sherrie Walton Consulting and Publishing Group where she helps women birth their "book dreams" and creates compilation books and platforms for women speakers, business owners, and everyday women with stories of empowerment.   Dr. Sherrie is the founder of Millionaire Mommy Society and creator of the Mommy & Me Dream Bigger Tour; an International multi-city (2) day experience that teaches moms and kids how to overcome their fears, pursue their dreams, and reshape their lives.



Dr. Sherrie has received Congressional Recognition for her contributions to the City of Houston.  She has also received recognition from the Mayor of Houston, honoring Women Making a Difference; Houston’s 40 Under 40 Next Generation of Leaders Award; and has been recognized as an Emerging Business for the Miami Superbowl.  Her first company was featured in Essence online magazine, won the Bride’s Choice Awards from 2012-14, and was the event planning company of choice for Bloomingdale’s Stores in Miami.

Dr. Sherrie is the co-creator of You Stuck With Me, an online marriage blog she created with her husband. She currently lives in Houston, Texas with her husband Dr. Christopher Walton, and their 3 kids, Christopher II, Kai-Milan
and Winter. 

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You don't have to face "it" alone, tap into your fearlessness.

I gained a sense of relief and also gained much needed clarity on the projects that I'm working on! You touched on topics that I didn't think of in the beginning and it really did give me an "Aha" moment. I would definitely love to use your services because I see the knowledge that you have and the structure you provide to people like myself that are all over the place. I thank you for sitting down with me and helping fuel other funnels of income.  Jabrecia Williams

The consultation was very helpful! Sherrie was very knowledgeable and relatable. My vision is clearer, and I now know what steps I need to take to make my business successful. We touched on every topic, and topics I did not even think were necessary. I was able to put things into perspective. This consultation was what i needed to put some fire under my butt. It was encouraging and empowering!  Chassity Heard

I really enjoyed working with Ms. Sherrie Walton.    Mrs. Walton opened my eyes to a different light about life of how to become a business woman or the dream woman I desire to be.  She gave me great ideas on how to start my own  business as a make up artist and how to be  successful in life and in our minds, which truly changed me.   My business is a working progress and so far it's doing excellent, thanks to Sherrie for her great guidance. Juna Brunson

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"I WILL LIVE my life in such a way that I won't need a tombstone to say who I was, my LEGACY alone will speak for itself!"

 H.E. Dr. Sherrie Walton, The Millionaire Mommy