2018 is the Year of YOU, and I want to give you the tools you need to help you live the life of your dreams...no matter what.

When I first started my “Be Fearless” faith journey, it was by accident.  I won’t try and fool you into believing that I’ve always had my life together. Because I was able to write, direct and star in my own comeback story,  I am on an assigned purpose to bring you along with me.  Join me for Operation Be Fearless.   This course will teach you how to:




  • Stop making excuses and start getting results

  • Balance your Life, Business and Kids

  • Defeat the cycle of Self-Sabotage

  • Overcome your past pains and use it to help others.

  • Connect with a Support Group of other Mompreneurs


 What's the Word on the Street?

A'Sheka Jordan


Wow, I am completely amazed at how this session has inspired me today.  I had no idea that I would be hearing all of the things that's been on my heart for the past year or so.  We share some of the same struggles and listening to how you've overcome and continue to overcome has really empowered me.  I did the visionary exercise with you all which actually made me emotional.  I needed this today.  Thank you so much.  


P.S. I came across you video while looking for a way for a financial breakthrough.  I had no idea I would be getting a spiritual breakthrough.  Thank you again.

Juna Brunson


I really enjoyed working with Ms. Sherrie Walton.   She was very inspirational towards me and the other ladies.  Mrs. Walton opened my eyes to a different light about life of how to become a business woman or the dream woman I desire to be.  She gave me great ideas on how to start my own  business as a make up artist and how to be  successful in life and in our minds, which truly changed me.  When meeting with the Millionaire Mommy Group it took me to another level in my mind set.  I love those group of women especially Sherrie.  Sherrie is such a blessing to the society of women, especially to me.  As for my business I am excited and pumped about the make up artist business.  Right now I am practicing my make-up skills to perfect it, by going to make up artist seminars and working my skill on my loves and friends.  My business is a working progress and so far it's doing excellent, thanks to Sherrie for her great guidance.

Ms. Laketa Finely

Atlanta, GA

This gives me life.  I am grateful for the divine connections.  When you are not sure where you are going or how to get there, yoke yourself up with successful people who have a map and who have traveled the journey.  It is then that you recognize the God ordained relationships.  Thank you Sherrie for being my divine inspiration.

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I get it, you have experienced Webinar overload... but if you are still not Motivated and Moving into your purpose, you need this.  


Hi, I am Dr. Sherrie Walton, wife, mother and friend; a serial entrepreneur with an obsession for the color pink, eating strawberry cheesecake, and watching stand up comedians on Netflix. But most importantly, I have a passion for seeing women business owners (like you) win. 

As a 14 year business veteran, I turned my side gig into a full time consulting firm over 5 years ago.  I love creating projects from the ground up, I attribute my creativity to my many years of owning my event planning and design boutique.  That experience gave me the passion for taking a vision and creating an unique masterpiece out of it.

My favorite quote is a bible reference, it’s Romans 8:28, and I paraphrase, “All things work together for the good of them that love God and are called according to his purpose”  It’s this reassurance that I have built my company’s foundation on.  No matter how it looks, no matter how daunting the process, “it” will always work out “good.”

When I am not tending to my business, I am a super-mom to three kids,  and super-wife to one man.  I’m glad to meet you.